The Throckmortons re-enact 15th Century Medieval England, demonstrating medieval cooking, archery, crafts and much more...

What is Re-enactment?

Re-enactment is preserving the past for others to see. In a way, re-enactment is an extension of a museum display, book or a film and presenting this in a historically accurate way.

For the Throckmorton Household, a typical event will consist of travelling to a historic site, such as a castle, where they will meet up with many other re-enactors. The re-enactors pitch tents and set up camp with their group for the duration of the event.

Re-enactors over the event period will take part living history, showing what it was like to live in the period in which they re-enact. There will be battles, fights and demonstrations that are very realistic of the times. The Throckmorton Household has a variety of skills in the group including a wood worker, cooks, seamstress, weaver, limner (flag maker), archers and the men at arms.

Re-enactments are also a social event where many people get together, relax and have a good time.

What do we do?


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